We understand that our clients are busy people. The last thing they want to be doing is worrying about whether their IP is covered and/or being enforced. Instead, they want a service provider that will work with them who considers the issues so they don’t have to. We therefore offer a holistic approach to IP, covering all angles.

Trade Marks

A Trade Mark is what defines a business or individual; it’s what attracts business or indeed loses business. It is therefore vital that you ensure your Trade Mark is available to use, you protect it, and you enforce it! We help cover all of these angles for you, providing you with the practical and legal assistance you need within budget.

Our aim is to take the stress out of your brand protection and enforcement, thereby allowing you to focus on building the brand’s reputation.


Companies spend a lot of time and money in the presentation and look of a product and brand. The simple reason for this is that consumers don’t just purchase based on a name, but also on the overall appearance and feel of the product. Designs are integral in protecting this appearance and can often provide broader protection than may otherwise be achieved via other forms of IP.

At Lane IP we advise clients on registered and un-registered designs and help to maximize their IP portfolio. Design law is still finding its feet which mean we can be innovative in the way it is protected.


Copyright subsists when a qualifying “work” is created. You may therefore own copyright and not be aware of it, especially as there is no formal registration process here in the UK/EU. It is therefore important you talk to us and we will discuss whether copyright applies and if so, the extent to which it can be relied upon.

It is also possible to register copyright in some countries and so we can discuss this further with you.


All registered IP rights need renewing, and these renewals should be handled by those who understand your portfolio. We handle all our clients’ renewals in-house, which allows us to not only advise our clients when each IP registration is due for renewal, but just as importantly, whether it needs to be renewed.

In our experience, it is all too easy to renew IP rights without taking a step back to look at your portfolio in its entirety and then decide whether the renewal is actually needed. By taking this holistic approach, our clients save money.

Digital Risk Management

Imperacom is a domain name registration law firm that focuses on domain name portfolio management and IP cyber security. Our diverse product and service offerings, along with our expert legal and customer support teams, give your commercial, IT and marketing departments a single point of contact to manage and protect your brand identity, registered trade marks and domain name portfolio.

Our mission is the safeguarding of your domain portfolio as an intellectual property asset and delivering a digital risk management strategy to help our customers gain a strong market presence in their targeted region.