Imperacom is a domain name managed service provider specialising in portfolio services for corporate clients and brand owners. Imperacom covers everything from ad hoc registrations and discreet acquisitions to the daily management of global portfolios. Clients of their managed service benefit from a portfolio neatly organised in a single place, without fear of domains lapsing or misdirecting.


We register domain names in over 200 countries across 2000 extensions, keeping clients up-to-date with new gTLDs and offering expert assistance where a trade mark is required. As an official agent of the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH), we can validate your brand(s) and ensure you are in poll position to register new gTLDs.

As a sister company of Lane IP, Imperacom is well-placed to assist in registering domains that require a registered trade mark, submitting the requisite documentation for the given territory or even liaising with Lane IP to file a new trade mark.


Managing a portfolio of hundreds or even thousands of domains and ensuring none inadvertently lapse is an important responsibility – and no easy task when they are spread across multiple registrars! Once consolidated at Imperacom, we will ensure you won’t lose a domain via unanticipated expiration.


Consolidate your domains with Imperacom for simpler, more effective domain portfolio management. An acquisition of a company and/or brand often includes associated domains. Their researchers are on-hand to independently verify the status and ownership of each domain and find any potential pitfalls such as expired or expiring domains.


Often, the domain name in your sights is already registered. Imperacom can securely and discreetly obtain a domain on your behalf. Our process involves identifying and approaching the owner and negotiating the best price, before paying for and transferring-in the domain.