Whilst we can’t confess to hugging trees on a regular basis, we do want to make sure our business is as environmentally responsible as possible, especially as we are in a field that is historically very paper-heavy. We do this in a number of small ways by:

•       Ensuring we use low energy light bulbs.
•       Switching computers and lights off when not in use.
•       Not driving to work (okay that’s mainly because the traffic is a nightmare).
•       Sourcing environmentally friendly products, especially paper.

We wanted to go one step further so we also calculated our carbon footprint taking into account overseas flights, paper usage and various other factors. According to these calculations, we produce approximately 25 tonnes of CO2 emissions. We have therefore planted 25 trees in London to offset this carbon emission, and will continue to do so each year. A small step, but in the right direction.