We think that if you are going to start a business there is little point in doing what those before you have already done. The market is already flooded with IP Firms so we wanted to make sure we were different, that we set ourselves apart from the norm.

We believe we have achieved this: we are continually pushing the boundaries for those clients that want more than the traditional service they have received from other Firms. We offer a complete service, not just reacting to instructions but assisting our clients to make those decisions, a far more proactive rather than reactive approach. We also think our clients don’t want to be given the options, without any advice on which option to adopt.

We don’t therefore sit on the fence, and always put ourselves in the clients’ shoes. Yes, it means a few more grey hairs on our part, but we feel our clients’ appreciate this approach. However, it’s all very easy to say and throw a few clichés around but what counts is putting it into practice. We feel our success as a Firm is testament to this but please feel free to get in touch if you would like to experience first-hand.